latest album – toys

The inner need to feel the state of existence is the need to have regularity in time. It is a pulse. In life, as well as in music, the awareness of individual sense of pulse becomes a portal to the source, it opens doors to the potential, to radical objectivism. Miles Davis, the father of modern jazz, constituted the element of unpredictability in improvised music, which defines both the genre and the stylistics of jazz. Thanks to many years of friendship of three musicians, this idea of giving in to the stream of objectivism became the motto of the recording session for the “Toys” album.


  • “this is definitely one of the most intellectually challenging Polish Jazz albums released lately and a true masterpiece, which deserves but the highest praise. The sublime balance between the hidden melodies and the Free Improvisations is magical and truly fascinating. The superb technique and virtuosity displayed by all the members of the trio clearly puts them in the high echelons of the Polish Jazz scene, which is no surprise to people following that scene closely.”

  • Adam Baruch (The Soundtrack Of My Life)


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  1. Toys ( Herbie Hancock)
  2. Pinocchio (Wayne Shorter
  3. Criss-Cross pt. 1 (Thelonious Monk)
  4. Criss-Cross pt. 2 (Thelonious Monk)
  5. Solar (Miles Davis)
  6. Peace (Horace Silver)
  7. Time remembered (Bill Evans)
  8. Central park west (John Coltrane)
  9. Giant steps (John Coltrane)
  10. The girl from ipanema (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  11. The sorcerer (Herbie Hancock)
  12. Green in blue (Krzysztof Dys)